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Chapter 1: Taverns & Sewers

Date: Sar the 7th of Zarantyr, 998 YK

Game: 1/7/2012

Story: Two years ago the Treaty of Thronehold officially ended the Last War. The nations now at relative peace the powerful Dragonmarked houses now turn to expanding their power in-case another great war is unleashed upon the world.  In Sharn, the City of Towers, our band of heroes celebrate the night at the local tavern. Gleefully getting drunk on wine, ale, and mead, the group of veteran’s from the Last War dine on booze and women completly unaware that outside on one of the many glorious skybridges in Sharn that a foul murder is happening. Bonal Geldem, an elderly human scholar from Morgrave University was the target and victim of the warforged assassin known as Cutter. Shortly after his murder the heroes stumble onto the scene of the grisly murder and inspect the surroundings. Hiding in the shadows Cutter awaits for his moment to strike what he believes to be witnesses to his crime.

Rat’s Market


House Cannith Foundry


something something something

gold, xp, etc.

Notable NPCs: Elaydren d’Cannith of House Cannith. Elaydren works for Cannith West and hired the heroes to recover a ancient schematic (schema). This ancient creation pattern is a small hand size adamantite plate which emits magical energy and has the image of a star on in. She told the heroes the schema was in a long forgotten House Cannith foundry under one of the massive towers of Sharn. The heroes recovered the plate and returned it to her for a payment of gold.


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